Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Praise

Last week when we went to town on the way as I was studying all that the boys needed. I had this peace come over me that it would all work out. Not a natural peace but a God peace. Tears even started flowing. I spent the rest of the way to town praising God. I knew I needed it when B had his wonderful meltdown in Wal-Mart. LOL not fun! Not something I had ever had to deal with. But, with God's peace I did it with almost grace. I really thought that was why He had told me it would all work out.

Monday I took the boys to the Dr. They are both on several meds. One med you have to get a new script each month, which means a Dr. appointment. I didn't have a pill pusher or even a reg. dr. I prayed HARD made an appointment and we went. I REALLY liked the dr. We discussed the meds and he told me which ones I could adjust and see if they were needed. TD had 2 and B had 3. So that night we didn't do sleeping pills. Boys didn't go to sleep until after midnight. ALL boys! They were required to rock and roll at regular time. I heard whining, I heard excuses I held all three to staying awake all day.

ROUGH is how I would describe Tue. . I was trying to take back order and have children DO instead of just play. B was over the top ODD(obsessive defiant disorder). To the point it is funny, but wearing. He started the day out by going to the barn without shoes. He was set in the cart with the milker and his coat and shoes. He stood up yelling and I pointed out he could set down or fall out, his choice. LOL he sat. He spent most of the barn time NOT putting on his shoes, but his coat was on before we got to the barn. Smart kid! I pointed out he would be walking back to the house. It was cold and muddy. He put his shoes on..... finally. That was the tone of the whole day with him. We went from head butting to head butting ALL day. I was exhausted by bed time. He did earn bed early. Last time that happened we fought for a LONG time before he conceded and went to bed. This time he got his night clothes went to change and found the bathroom occupied, he sat quietly and waited his turn. After he was dressed for bed we had supper, which he ate well. Then nicely ask if he could go to bed. I was shocked!

We didn't do the ADHD meds Tue. morning. TD may have been a tiny bit louder, but here it is hard to tell. Now B was over the top ODD all day. I don't really think it was ADHD just flat out ODD. By bed 8pm TD was BEGGING to go to bed early, he wanted to go read his book. His story About 8:30 we finally let him go. Others followed about 9. It was quite as a mouse up there all night. Wed. morning TD really work on school. He started out saying he was sick at his stomach, but after being fed crackers missing eggs and hot chocolate he recovered. B on the other hand started his day ODD again. Refusing to get out of bed. I went up just before I went to get dressed. I explained that it was his choice if he walked to the barn or if I carried him in his pj's. We WERE going to the barn when I was dressed. His clothes were on the kitchen table. He beat me down stairs! He also beat me dressed! Now I was going slow but still. Yesterday B was almost a different child. Calm, not trying to crawl out of his skin. His ODD isn't showing. He cuddled in my lap while I played eye games with him. He has even been able to say he misses his mom. One thing he does is drool. Ideas? As he was reading to me I would hear the spit building up and have him swallow. If you didn't he would drool. This isn't new, but with him doing seat work more noticeable. His reading is pretty good. Not sure about comprehension yet. He did a math page of very simple addition today no number over 9 in the answer and got them all right. He had to use fingers to do some of them. We were sitting on the couch his writing was better than Tue's horrible writing. I would put his writing at best early 1st grade. I had him him color a page today. Very very 1st grade but he did it. Grand son colored too. In fact he colored a long time on the other side of the bar from me. B did his paper and was done. They were working side by side. Is it possible that B's ADHD meds or others were doing more harm than good? He is also eating better. He is playing much nicer. He is over all a totally different child today. I am just wondering what is going on. The ones we stopped were not suppose to build up in their system. I would say I am totaly loosing my mind but MN is asking what is going on with him and everyone else also sees it.

To really get this you have to understand I spent my time while dealing with a stubborn child Tue. crying out to God wanting to know what He had gotten me into. I was overwhelmed with this small child's ODD and lack of ability. I didn't even know where to start. I got up Wed. morning still crying out to God. My journal is filled with a cry for help. Then B gets up a transformed child! I can't praise Him enough!

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Teresa said...

I had the same experience when I took my child off the ADHD meds. They do build up. During withdrawal you may see increased violence and severe mood swings. Take heart they don't last but a few days.