Friday, February 5, 2010


Have I mentioned I hate waiting? I am waiting for DIL to come back from produce. I have to finish packing the excursion and PACKING is the key word. I may have girls holding produce. It is neatly stacked to the top. I have every one of my ice chest packed with food. I have our sleeping bags, I have all the other stuff I am taking for retreat. Oh I do need room for 2 girls.

The produce truck was showing up about 8:30 am but last time the figured on that and :) it was noon. This time it would have been nice if it had came then. It didn't. I figure I have another 30 minutes at least to wait for DIL to come back with produce.

Once we fit that in we will be off and running for the retreat. I hate missing out on helping this afternoon, but my "job" was getting produce and other stuff done. So I am patiently (ha) doing it.

I did make me a pot of coffee just cause :) I need more coffee like well.... there are plenty of bridges between here and there but they may be a bit muddy. I even put hot water in my thermos so I can have some for the road. Of course my children spotted my fresh pot of coffee and now I have less. Good thing they do 3/4 milk to 1/4 coffee.

TD is working off and on with school. He is at this moment sitting over there going, "I need help!" Translation: I don't want to think and look and find the answer. He was even told it was on the part of the screen he had up when I went to see what he needed help on. Dh even looked and is now ignoring him. Part of it is he has never had to reason out answers. When questioned and try to sort it out he likes to say, "I don't know." never looking to see if he can find it. Yes, it does drive me nuts at times. Today I am allowing DH to be nutty, not me.

Wait wait wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have showered so can't even go outside. We are so blessed to be muddy. We are VERY muddy. This is a sucking mud that sucks your shoes off if you aren't careful. MJ had to go feed baby goats at lunch. As usual we are leaving so had two to come from son's pen today. The nannie died a couple of days ago and it has been so muddy we couldn't find the kids. We figured they were under a feeder. Today was dry enough that the girls manage to fish them out. The babies get under the feeders because it is dry. They will stay until they die at times. These are about a month old.

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