Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We woke up to a white world this morning. MN went out and measured before chores we had about 4 inches. Then after chores we had 5. We have had a little bit more since. We are hovering at just about freezing.

Kids of all ages have played and played. They took the ranger and the snow disc we bought for white sands for a spin. Seemed to work well. I think DIL will have some footage/pictures of it on her blog later. Then DS broke the ranger. I don't know how he did it. He said he wishes he was having more fun when it happened.

Once they were all frozen and tired I decided to take a walk....... ALONE. Well I did take dogs and my camera. The light was so bright I couldn't see to take pictures very well.

LOTS of snow! I was really enjoying my walk until I found this picture:

I had helped the calf stand that much. It was still soppy wet and chilling fast. That ended my walk. Since ds had tore the ranger up he got to help me get mama and baby back to the house.

We rubbed and rubbed and worked and worked trying to get it warm. Thawed colostrum and got some down, gave it coffee... It did get to shivering, which was good. Finally we left it with mom in the barn, but it was loosing ground so...........

Only at our house! Hey at least it is in a bucket!
DIL then decided to let grand baby have some floor time so I couldn't resist this picture.

Then mommy getting grand son ready to go get cold. He is showing off his poor man mittens. Socks! They work!


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Snow is always so peaceful....love it....unbelievable the amount of snow you have gotten this year.

Cute calf and of course cute grands. lOL

Julie said...

Wow, we leave and you get 9 in. Our crew is loving the snow here, and bummed their missing out on it at home. Funny, hah!!!