Sunday, February 21, 2010

This and That Weekend Ramble...

Yesterday we had a blast! We went to the rodeo. It was the boy's first time. They both seemed to enjoy it. Oldest son and his wife didn't get to go. He ended up having to work. The joy's of being your own boss. His wife had the stomach flu. So I went boy and got both kids. I used the ergo with grand son. He was wonderful!!! He didn't fuss all afternoon. We walked through the exhibits and the creative arts building. I was very disappointed in the "educational" area. Glad I didn't pay money for just that! There was a time when it was good. Since we had two extra tickets I invited to of the kids friends that had never been to a rodeo. They seemed to have a blast. We went out to eat after the rodeo then took kids home. The whole time 1 yo grandson never napped and never fussed. I hope mom got a nice nap and is totally recovered today. I haven't called and visited. I will be seeing her in the morning about 8. As we start our crazy week of her driving out 4 days a week for me to baby sit. I am so blessed to get to do this, but feel sorry for her drive twice a day.

I am so excited my truck company owning sons are finally coming up in the world. They are are getting to haul bucking stock!!!! Exciting isn't it? They had drivers take a load to Houston yesterday. I am excited, or was until my ds went on to explain they were hauling 90 ewes (grown mama sheep) down there for the mutton busting. If you have never saw mutton busting you really need to see if you can find it on here somewhere.

Today we went to the Cowboy Church service. Dh woke up with the tummy stuff that DIL had Friday and Sat. He stayed home. He still doesn't feel great as he has homesteaded the couch all day and is still napping there. Then we drove up to Abilene for lunch and flea market. Problem was the temps here were beautiful, there it was about 15 degrees cooler with a stiff North wind. It didn't take us long to look and be headed home. I was disappointed as the kids had talked it up so to the boys and then it was such a bust. We did get to eat a good lunch though. That is a highlight of our trip. Or at least close.

Mr. B is in trouble again. Not bad, but he likes to immitate the hulk and when ask to stop especcially by kids he does it more. I have ask him to stop. So now he has the pleasure of writing about it. He has to write 10 times, " I am going to stop acting like the hulk. I do not like the consequences of pretending to be the hulk." I print it off on handwriting paper for him. This allows him to pratice his handwriting as well as think about choices. He was less than happy. I do think the glasses are helping his handwriting. It seems to be more the same size and not all over the page as bad. That is very muchly a Thank You God!

TD got caught up on his school Friday. He even did part of tomorrows this evening. He has been doing dishes without me finding dirty ones so tomorrow we go back to different people doing dishes. I keep tweaking the chore list. I add chores or break down chores into smaller things to make it better. On the surface the chore list is huge because it is so broke down. Instead of clean kitchen I have it broke down into so many tiny jobs.

Time to start the night time routine around here. Chores are done. Supper is what you find since we ate big at lunch. We have lots of produce to eat. That may be supper for most of us. I got a box of spring mix salad this time. A BIG box!!!! MMMMMmmmmmm. Kids and I like it. Dh isn't so fond.

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