Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dreary days.....

I am sooooo tired of clouds without rain. I love rain, but cold and windy is yuck. So I did the best thing I could, I changed my blog picture! This is a picture of the Pecos river near Pecos NM. Wonder what it looks like right now?

Kids are still nutty. They are training for a race. The windchill is 22 right now and they just came back in from a run. They ran a mile or two depending on which kid it was. TJ did 2 laps. Each lap is .9 miles.

TD is stuck on dish duty MN was stuck for 3 weeks. She finally decided to wash them correctly and in a timely manor. He was pouting but seems to have come to the conclusion that it isn't helping him get them done. He is still struggling with school. I really think he is able to do it. It is a testing of if he has too. He seems to be developing a better attitude in that area too.

Speaking of TD and attitude. He was really struggling in Friday. We had an argument and such. I finally pushed him into talking about what he didn't want to. He "didn't want to go there!" I was so compassionate, "Tough! You are!" :) He finally did. What he shared was he was mad at his mom dying. I had him hang on to his anger and allow God to show him something. As I prayed I had him go back with his anger to what ever. He went back to his mom being in the hospital, (I think the last time he saw her.) I ask him what God was wanting to show him. He said "That she loved me." He started crying, I held him and in a bit I ask God to help ease his pain. God then took him to going to his Foster mom's house. I ask how that helped as to me that doesn't sound very easing to help pain. I didn't share that part. His reply blew me away. "It was a better home." ???????? have no clue what that means. He had admitted he doesn't like it here. He wants to go back to Foster mom's. I explained again that isn't even an option if he was SOOOO bad he had to leave here. As they aren't fostering anymore. After we had prayed I then ask him to let God show him one more thing. I prayed and ask God to show TD why he was here. When I ask him what he saw, he said nothing. I was trying to figure out what was going on when he explained, "I didn't see anything but God did something in my heart. I felt something." When ask what, "Loved". I hugged him and assured him he is loved and that I had been praying for him since long before I ever met him. This all seemed to help him baby step into better attitude. Please every one keep praying for him. He has had so much loss in his young live, only God can heal his hurts. God can! I do know that!

I am blessed in having kids that know how to do chores. I don't have to :) I can stay inside at night. Mornings I'm not so lucky. I really like doing chores, at least barn chores. Just not when it is super cold. (my super cold is relative! to me it is super cold!!!) MN doesn't mind how cold it is if she can go to the barn. That works! She just can't do milker of a morning. To heavy to handle with easy.

I think I have rambled enough. Hope everyone has a very blessed week!

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