Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Normal Day....

This morning was an early morning for grandson. Seven AM found me waiting at the hwy for my DIL. We came home and at 8 it was off to do chores. After chores, where I got way to little milk we did breakfast. Some had chili/Frito pie. I had left over waffles with peanut butter and bananas topped with grand ma's molasses. Grand son had bananas and more bananas and waffle.

School went well to day. B had to set and think a couple of times for complaining. :) Even so he finished his school by about 2. I have 2 still working. LOL both T's. TD is starting to see that he is going to be held accountable about school, and everything else. TJ is trying to remember how she was taught to do long division. She is searching past lessons since mom won't help her "remember".

MN has grandson in the ergo playing er sweeping the bedroom and playing on the piano. MJ and B are busy filling the porch with wood for this winter weather coming.

I have bread on to rise since we were out. MJ has supper. He did get meat laid out. Not exactly sure what he is doing with it. I guess it falls under not my problem. :)

It has been such a peaceful day. No major meltdowns. Just a relaxed day of life. MN is now busy greasing bread pans with a baby on her belly. He is just watching but not helping. I am glad since she is using red palm oil to grease the pans.

Now they are off to open the gate for DIL. I don't know if they will make it or not. I am typing around a little boy who wants to be held today. I really don't think he feels great.

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