Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The gift of Teaching.........

My 13 yo is making coffee. B ask if he could help. We all know how much help untrained 7 yo's are. Yet my son said sure! I will teach you. He walked him step by step on how to make coffee.

I laugh often as when school is done for B if TJ or some times MJ are done they like to "play school". This is good for B and I just shake my head. The other day TJ was teaching B something. Oh I know, she was TRYING to teach him the knifty knitter. He lost the privilege as he was using the hook to hook a hole in his pants as she was showing him how to wrap. She wasn't the one that stopped the game mom was.

Each day I am thankful for the teaching spirit that is throughout the house. Older kids quite often are more than willing to teach younger ones. Some times they do get frustrated, but more often than not younger kids listen, sometimes better than with me. Even today they were playing on the keyboard and grand baby had this awesome game going. He would crawl in there, they would tote him back. He would laugh and off he goes again. Finally I suggested putting him in the play pen in there. It is set up for napping. He fussed until they got him toys and then he was totally happy with the big kids and the music.

Today TJ is having a life lesson. She doesn't sit the milker up well. She "forgets" so she has gotten it assigned to her. Yet again to day I had to "wait" for her to set it up when she knew it needed to be done. Her consequence? The milker is her best friend. She has to tote it where ever she goes. It is heavy. She is getting tired of it. Wonder if she will remember to set it up tomorrow.

TD is also still working on life lessons. He hasn't gotten his school caught up. He got up at 5. He ask if he could go to bed early since he may have to get up tomorrow at 5. Other children laughed. He didn't see the humor. Then MN point blank told him she thought it was funny. Made him mad. I pointed out they ALL tried to give him advice and he refused to listen. He made his choice :)

Mean while B did his school in record time! He is doing amazing when he tries. I started him in 3rd grade math and he hasn't missed a beat. Yesterday we had some meltdowns, but not to much. Today he has gotten mad but no melt downs. YEA!!! Such progress. He has been a little helper today. Ready willing and helpful at what ever we ask him to do. He has been in trouble some. MJ tried to teach him to play Risk. MJ gave up as he was wanting B rules. But, he is owning what he does better. Usually I have to say, "Think truth." then he owns it. He doesn't LIKE consequences but they seem to be soaking in. I see so much change in him.

I just realized I have nothing fixed for supper and what every child had it on their list failed! Hummmmm have no clue, it is after 5 and all I can think of is bread. We had egg sandwiches last night. But, we used all the mano. So scratch that for tonight. Granola maybe? Maybe some salad stuff. I am sure TD would just love for us to do a salad night. He has lost salad dressing privileges. He was using a little salad with his dressing. So he will eat his dry for a while. More of the others sitting there going. "Remember when..... " and sharing when they lost privileges like this.

OK off to create supper! All be blessed!

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