Monday, February 15, 2010


I was cutting hair last night and MJ and I were talking. He has lived here 5 years next month. Longer than any other house. He was 8 when we got him. We were just wondering what B will be like in 5 years. B is 8, same age as MJ was. MJ will be 18!!!! We talked about his plans. He wants to go into the military. I am pushing for a college degree first since his tuition is paid for by the state because he was a foster kid.

Today MJ stayed in with grandson K as we did chores. TJ usually does but she lost the privilege for a few days. :) K was VERY fussy. I told him that if he needed me to come get me. When I came in MJ was rocking K and assured me K hadn't even fussed. K was totally happy being rocked.

Then this afternoon MJ decided to fix snicker doodle cookies. Oh, forgot to mention he has his school totally done until Wed. He has part of Wed. done. He ask B to come help. He really does have the heart of a teacher. B got to learn what each thing was. The names of the tools, like spatula. B got to help measure and watch wheat be ground. He carried and put up ingredients for MJ. All the while MJ was telling him what he was doing and why.

TD ask Dh the other day why he is so much more curious here. Dh pointed out we make them think. He ask TD if he thought that might be it. They aren't allowed to just vegg. They are involved and challenged to achieve the best they can.

B is HINTING for a cooking from MJ. MJ has already given him one. B is going on and on about how good they are, looking longingly at them etc. MJ ask me why he does that. We spend YEARS teaching all three of these to ASK for things. They did the same thing. :) So we talked about why MJ wouldn't ask and on and on. More growth for both MJ and B as he listens.

I find it interesting that B was "obsessed" with big trucks. Today oldest son came out in the bull rig to load his junk, er sheep and goats. If B is obsessed with big trucks I wonder what it made some friends and kids I grew up with. B did think the truck was cool, but that was it. We borrowed the neighbors pens and loading shute to get the stuff loaded. I had K on me in the ergo while we did it. Made me feel 9 months PG. I wasn't much help. MN was more help. It was a nice break from school for those that weren't done. That would be everyone but B and MJ.

I think I have figured out why MN and T aren't done. MN HATES having mop kitchen as a chore. So................. if she doesn't get school done then she doesn't have time to do chores. If she waits it out she can escape doing it. New rule she isn't aware of. Those that don't do their chores will be up at 5 AM doing them in the morning. BEFORE school! T just doesn't have time to do chores RIGHT and I stressed right last night.

Oh today the boy's CASA worker called. She visited with me and with the boys. I again laughed. She ask B what he liked best and again he said getting cow feed. LOL I didn't here him tell her. She was talking about how proud TD sounded about getting school work caught up. I talked about how when kids master things they are so proud. Then I went to use the cow feed story as an example. She then told me B told her the same thing. Silly boy!! Right now he is washing the baby bucket. He can't set it up, but he has mastered taking it down and washing it. He does such a good job of scrubbing it.

MJ is making green chili enchiladas for supper from the recipe book that we got at retreat. I am sorta supervising. He thought ahead and even took yogurt this morning and poured it up to drip so he would have "cream cheese". I need to make more yogurt as we will be about out after he is done tonight.

B is getting glasses! He is sorta excited. We are of course talking it up. He does school work with one eye, his left shut. I am praying this will help with his writing issues. He really is behind in that skill. Everything else is good. I am seriously thinking of getting him on the computer for a lot of school. I had a friend who's son struggled with the written word. Once he was allowed to use a computer he looked at the keyboard and exclaimed, "Mom, all the letters are right here I don't have to think about them." I know B's issue is different and I don't want to give up on hand writing, but his hand writing is causing him to be behind in school work because you can't read it. When you ask him what he did he is right usually.

As usual when I start a blot I am on and off over a long period of time. MJ is still doing supper while B is putting up cookies. MN and TJ did outside chores and MN is even working on her chores. Well B WAS putting up cookies, but he decided to not do it right, making scrambled cookies so he is now sitting and thinking about his choices. He is less than a happy camper.

TD just came and told me he, "Smoked the test!" in Bible! YEA!!!!! He is excited! I AM EXCITED. He made a 93 on it!!!!!!!! This was a test, not a quiz.


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