Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Daughter has lost her mind.....

Misty rain, 45 degrees, windchill of 40. That is the scene. So MN ask poor little B if he wants to go with her. She is going to check stock. She is going to splash in puddles. She is going to FREEZE. I figure since we had just talked about it being cold out side B has been warned. He is coating up to go with her.

Wonder if I will have to hose them off before they come in from their walk?

The kids are getting into running with DIL. They are excited to be doing the race with her. They have started running to the gate several times a day. They took B ONCE. He isn't very fast, and that day he had chosen to wear very VERY loose pants. Seems as they were running his pants ended up around his ankles. Then he told them they couldn't leave him he was the baby! They pointed out that grandson is younger. Next he told them that he was the cutest. I don't think that worked either. They came in laughing and saying they would NOT be taking him on a run again.

I did suggest they run this morning. At that point we had only had about .8 of an inch. Think ankle deep mud in places. This wonderful rain fell very slow. They declined that suggestion. I then tried telling them that decicated runners run every day in all kinds of weather. I thought I had MJ talk into it, but so far school is taking time. :) I also pointed out bragging rights to running today and no one else running. That seemed to appeal to the 13 yo male brain. :)


Anonymous said...

Momma, you have an ornery streak in you.

Becky said...

Tommy ran around the front side when he got home last night. If I had 2 pair of running shoes I may have, not sure if I want to risk slipping and injuring my ankle or something.