Friday, February 19, 2010

Another week down....

I really don't know where the time is going. It is again Friday. We have had a great week. The boys are starting to get into the groove with us. TD has about decided I really mean he can set at his desk until he is 18 if he doesn't want to do school. His choice. He has also decided dishes are his until he can do the correct and in a timely manor. He should take lessons from MN, who had dish duty for THREE weeks for the exact same reason.

Yesterday B got glasses! His left lenses is two or three times as thick as his right. I knew his left eye was his problem just didn't know how bad. I am hoping this will help him with writing. He is so smart, but he can't write it. He is talking about how much better he sees now.

MJ is off today to help with produce co-op. He is growing so fast or maybe the word maturing is a better description. I am often amazed at the young man I see. I see such a caring heart and a Godly young man. So different from the child that walked in circles and was mean to animals.
This weekend we are heading to the Rodeo on Sat. On Sunday we are going to Cowboy Church and on to the flea market weather permitting. All the kids are so excited. Two new ones have never been to the flea market. The others are excited to share something they love. Not to mention that we usually do Chinese for lunch that day.

There is a big joke about the first time the first three tried Chinese. The all stated they HATED Chinese, but had never tried it. We said tough you can have chicken. By the time we were done eating they were wanting to come back for supper! Now they love Chinese and are very willing to try many new foods at buffets. Many things most adults are unwilling to try even.

B is doing Easy Grammar. Today's lesson reminds me of my 23 yo. At this age he announced driving down the road, "MOM! They misspelled Dr. on the Dr Pepper can!!!!" So I am trying to figure out what he is talking about. Did you know he is right? Go look at the can/bottle. There is no PERIOD after the Dr! I have loved Easy Grammar ever since. It works well for B as it teaches in small amounts of writing. It reminds daily on basic grammar.

This week we had to go to the CPS office since the case worker didn't want to tackle our road. :) Something about the 10+ inch deep ruts. We got to go to the small town CPS office. Small office, one lady secretary out front a mom of 5 and great grand mom. We had a great visit as we waited for the CW who was late. The office was very different than what my other 3 are use to. Grand baby played and kids all just hung out.

When CW got there she took each of the 2 new ones back one by one and talked for a few minutes and then ask if I had any issues or problems. Very low key for all. I saw some behaviours that afternoon. We went to the park for a late lunch afterwards. After B ate he went to play with the other kids. He was afraid of the slide. Don't know why. Then in just a minute I saw him off alone making an antenna. I called him over and told him to play with the other kids. In just a few minutes he again had a stick/straw something for an "antenna". I called him back and he tried to tell me he was playing with the kids etc. I didn't say much just I could see him. I ask him later why he made antennas. He didn't know, he wanted to be an antenna, he thinks they are cool. I so wonder what the deal is with antennas. I will trust the Lord to show me what/why or just to deal with the root as he heals.

On the way home TD was crying in the back seat. He missed his FM. Not much I can say driving down the road other than it's OK. After we got home I was shocked to see both of them come in and finish school work. Even B!!!!!! It was a zoo around here about then. Yet he read his reading and answered the questions getting them all right. So much for not being able to concentrate.

TD passed his Health Quest test. He had been sweating it. He is caught up now I think. He is now talking about working ahead so he can have more days off. MJ did Monday and Tue. school last Friday.

Wed. night TD made chicken Alfredo from scratch. It was really really good. I helped very very little. Just confirmed he had the right measurer and such. Next night he again had dinner. We had taco salad since we had to go to town and could get the stuff. He browned his meat and worked on school all at the same time. He is more a guesser at cooking that MJ. I told him to put taco seasoning in the meat. He ask how much. I was trying to decide a measurement when he said how ever much I want? My kind of cook! It turned out good.

Yesterday we had town again, seems we have spent the week running. I did sorta laugh at therapy. I shared what all I see going on. I told her that I didn't think the first 3 had much to talk about. :) Sure enough TJ bounced in there and out in less than 5 minutes. She just wanted to be first. TD and B both spent a long time. MJ went in and out about as fast as TJ. MN didn't even go in. She plugged her mp3 in and vegged and napped. I even got a picture. I just need to figure out how to get it off the phone. Therapist was very impressed with how well both boys articulated their fear of attaching. They want to attach but are afraid to. So natural and with good reason! The ability to articulate though is huge! They are very willing to talk about yuck and share how they feel. Then she can help them process stuff. I find it interesting that they share different things with her than me. Both are very real and need to be processed. I am thankful they are able to talk about the junk this much.

Time to get off here and get busy. All be blessed!

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