Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bluebonnets 2010!!!!

If you can go see the bluebonnets this year!!! We had a wonderful day! I decided to post the pictures on a Shutterfly blog instead of trying to upload all of them here. I couldn't do them justice here. Most of these are taken on the James River Road out of Mason. This is the road the the bat cave. That by far had the most, but many of the other roads we drove today were breath taking also! I didn't stop and get pictures of the bluebonnets and red flowers on the way home. It was a busy hwy and not many good places to pull over for photo shoots when you drive a bus. I have heard that this is one of the best years EVER for the bluebonnets. I really believe it. The sides of the hills look like flowing rivers of blue/purplish water.

My pictures don't do them justice. What an awesome way to worship God today! It was cloudy so the pictures may not be as bright as they would have been if it had been sunny. It was nice and cool today. The humidity was high and at times the smell of the bluebonnets was overwhelming. Think honeysuckle overload as we drove slowly along the dirt roads. Here is the shutterfly link: I think from there click pictures and slide show for the best viewing. I may find out different and change it.

This may do just the slide show: Wish I could go back! I would love to make another trip and see more!

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