Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Morning ....

Today I am cleaning frig. I have carrots cooking and two pans of squash. Two HUGE pans. This was produce Friday. I am cleaning out the "old" that didn't get ate any other way. I see I still have cauliflower that needs eating. I may do it some way for church tomorrow.

The squash we will eat just as it is for a day or two. Then I will toss some cooked chicken, green chilies and onions in it, add a little corn starch and bring it to a boil. After that I will layer it into a casserole dish with corn tortillas and cheese. Kids loved it last time I made it. It is like chicken enchiladas. The kids kept looking at me as I made it last time asking me if I had ever made it before. I assured them I had. They were willing to try it.

The carrots we are just going to have buttered carrots. There aren't near as many of them as the squash. Most of us like them. The few that don't can try one or two. I may take what is left and make some copper pennies. I love those.

I also have a pot of beans cooking. Beans always seem to go well here. I add onions and peppers, garlic if I have it, the power if I don't, I didn't today. I then add some dried red chili power from the green chili's I dried last summer. They never seem to go to waste.

As soon as kitchen is clean from breakfast and cooking all these things we are going to make a couple of cobblers. I have a bunch of strawberries so one may be a strawberry cobbler. I may make a peach cobbler also. I will freeze one for later. Maybe for our camping trip in two weeks.

Our house smells wonderful with all of the smells mixed together. I'm not sure what part of this will be lunch and what supper.

I am down one child today as TJ is off to the auction with dad. She knew what she was getting into as this isn't her first all day auction. She loves going. New boys wanted to go until they started understanding that there is no playing or no running around, but LOTS of standing. DH is hoping to find a double disc and several other things. I hope for the double disc so I can "farm" part of our field that the weeds, grass and mesquite are taking over.

Today we are just hanging out. Maybe next weekend we will all go to an auction a lot closer to home. DH told the kids they could go next week for a small taste of an auction. I can go rescue them if they are to bored. Down side is I may just stay and watch the auction too!

Off to accomplish something while dishes are being done. Everyone have a blessed day!

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