Friday, April 9, 2010

Changing Plans...

I "thought" I had my weekend planned. I don't know why I plan, it seems that is when change happens. I had planned to go look at wildflowers/bluebonnets today. I hear it is the best year in YEARS. As I was looking at maps and reading where they say the best flowers are my DH called.

He has gotten the blue excursion sold..............In Weatherford, 3 hours from here. Since Sat. the only time he can do it we are going to Weatherford tomorrow. I did add a bit of a curve to it. I will be taking the bus while he drives the excursion. I told him I would get there eventually. I plan on taking my camera, taking pictures and stopping by the flea market along the way.

DH did suggest we take our wildflower trip on Sunday instead of me going today. I like that! I am bummed as my SIL and nephew were going to try to come out tomorrow. Guess they can come tomorrow night, spend the night and go wildflower looking on Sunday with us.

Our spring is filling up so fast. Between what I want to do and what DH wants to do and what is "normal" We have full weekends for the next month and 1/2. That is so unusual for us. I don't like feeling so "booked".

Guess I better get my life started here.

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