Sunday, April 11, 2010

Other chatter...

We have puppies..... anyone want one? They really should be awesome guardian/kid dogs. They are 1/2 pyr 1/2 mountain cur. Both breeds are known for their bonding and protection abilities. How many you ask? Good question! Don't know, she is under a pile of tin. She dug a nest. I just pray it doesn't rain to much and drown them all. They are pretty secure unless we get a down pour! MN said she thinks 5 I saw 3 light colored ones and some dark shapes so ????

DH got my bus dirty today! :( Can you believe the nerve of him!? It wasn't MY fault that they said the best bluebonnets were down a dirt road. It wasn't MY fault we decided to keep going the next 20 miles of dirt road crossing streams 5+ times. It was a wonderful drive!

Once we got home Dh couldn't stand it any longer he had to hook the RV up to the bus and see how it pulls. DH came home saying, "SWEET"! He said you don't even feel it back there! He is well pleased.

MN wanted to fatten us all up I think. On Friday she made a double batch of her double batch of oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter cookies. She came out with 8 zip locks of cookies. We shared some with BIL and SIL, not enough. We still have way to many. They really are way to sweet to eat many.

Off to bed! All be blessed!

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