Friday, April 23, 2010

Rain, Thunder, Tornadoes and Hail

Didn't happen!! Last night it was marching our way. They were using words like super cells, 70 mph winds and large hail. DH called son and gave him the heads up. They were all in town. Then we parked cars near buildings and under sheds. After that we did what we should, prayed and went to sleep. I sorta knew when my living room filled up with bodies. DS hand his wife, their 2 kids and her 4 brothers. Scanner was filled with chatter as the weather spotters were excited to have the first storms of the season. About 12:30 two counties away it began to die out. By the time it got to us there wasn't even any thunder. Earlier the lightening could be saw 3 counties away. The rain did drip off the house a bit.
By the time the rain got here our gusty wind that was beating my plants up had even died. I haven't looked to see how beaten up they are. They were so tender from being inside all winter I'm sure they don't look very pretty today. Once it started raining I opened the window put the fan back in it. I had taken it out as it was blowing out and blowing the covers off the bed.
CPS worker has already called to see how the road is. It is fine. :( So she will be here in about an hour.
Oh, we have MORE puppies. Anyone want to buy a Great Pyrenees puppy? We have a few............OK maybe more than a few........... OK maybe way more than a few.............12!!!!!! They are small. I don't know if she will raise them all. She isn't in great shape as she got rattle snake bit while she was pg. We are feeding her extra. They aren't all the "normal" white. Our male has spots. Some of these have spots and a few look more like a St. Bernard than a Pyr. They are brown with white trim.
Off to get ready for CPS visit. Please keep it in prayer as I like the lady, just not the CPS part.

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