Sunday, April 25, 2010

Odds and Ends of pictures......

Grand daughter was learning to ride a bike. Well, doing more talking while T pushed than peddling.

Son got 2 really nice bottle or nurse baby calves yesterday.
This is the cows third round of babies. When I bought her she had just lost her calf. They put a holstein bull calf on her. At about 3 months I changed that and put 5 goats on her. I lost one so she only raised 4.
Then I decided to put the jersey heifers on her and milk the mamas to them. Then I DS brought 3 bottle baby calves home. We stuck them on her and one of the jerseys. This is the bigger of the three, along with one of her goats.

Today I kept her separated from everything, which is no small feat since she also has a lamb that adopted her besides all you see here. She isn't quite sure about the two new ones yet. She really wants "her" babies back which are the 4, 50 lb goats. She bawled, the bleated off and on all day on opposite sides of a fence.

Friday we went to the closest zoo. Two new boys had never been to a zoo. All the kids loved this bear working the crackers into his cage.

Last week T had to get up early for dishes she didn't do the night before. When I got up she was holding down my chair. I had to take pictures....

Pretty bad she chose to get up at 5 to do dishes rather than do them after supper. Oh well, she has become my morning person.

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