Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lubbock and back ..........

We left about 5:30 yesterday morning to go see B8's dr. He came on seizure meds for seizures that happened before he was in foster care. The dr. said being seizure free for 2 full years it is time to wean him off the meds IF his brain scan is "normal".

He had an "extended" brain scan, a full hour of laying still. This child does not do still well. I did laugh as they offered the TV ~ cartoons no less. I declined, no I ask that they cut that off. I do feel man behaviours I deal with right down to speech come from the TV babysitter.

I talked and held his hands as she put the electrodes on his head. He struggled with them marking his head and scrubbing spots for the electrodes. Sensory issues! We talked our way through. Then she cut the lights down and ask him to shut his eyes. I wonder how this works if they have the TV on? I had "borrowed" T's book she had brought. So I read the story quietly. Soon the Tech saw I was not going to let him mess with his head and he would be laying pretty still. She left us to monitor from the desk. In a very few minutes D was sound asleep. So for him the hour went fast. :) I found time to pray and just sit and rest.

We ran and got a bite to eat then back to the Dr. for the results. Test showed normal brain activity. We will start weaning him off his meds. :) God is good! He answers prayers!

We were on the road back by 2 pm. made it home in time for coffee! Well it was a LATE coffee. I was very thankful that DH went with me. I was SOO tired and he did most of the driving. I didn't nap going up and did nap a little coming home. I woke up with a kink in my back and a headache that I battled until some time in the night. We had decided with just 3 kids going to take the excursion instead of the bus. They were expecting 45+ mph winds also. It was very windy and sandy coming home. The bus wouldn't have been fun driving, and the kids weren't crowded with just three in there.

DIL and the other 2 survived and baby sit grand son. They got their piano done, chores done and even school! Top that off with baking bread and sounds like they had a good full day. DIL did say she was glad she had the two big kids to help with the three littles.

Today I have made biscuits and sausage to freeze for quick breakfast. I made enough to have sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast this morning.

I want to work in my flower beds some today. I would like to get my porch ready for my upstairs plants. Maybe this weekend we can bring them down.

I have to take the bus in Monday to get it measured for the grill-guard. They will keep it until maybe Wed. Then I will get it back for a week while they paint the grill guard. I am wanting to take it to the hill country for a bluebonnet trip. I can't decide when to do it. I was thinking this Friday, but we have produce. So unless I can get someone to pick up for me I will need to go do that. I can't decide if I want to ask or just put it off for late the next week. I thought about tomorrow but need to be back for DIL to get grandson by about 4. I doubt I could manage that. I'm sure it will work out.

OK off to see what else I can accomplish today. Son is playing daddy day care today so I am sorta lost without my little one. Hey maybe I can get a nap! :)

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