Monday, April 5, 2010

Signs of Spring....

I started taking some pictures of spring around here.
Some are wonderful like my iris blooming. I don't have many and I was disappointed that the one that did bloom was such a washed out color. It is still pretty just not as pretty as it could be.

Some aren't near as pretty. Big white dog with her head swollen from a rattlesnake bite. Or, hearing something and looking down to see a rattlesnake slithering about 10 inches from my foot! He slithered under the sea container before I could shoot him. Kids (big) had fun gassing him out from under there. I was just glad they got him since he was half way between our house and theirs. I did remind all the kids where there is one rattlesnake there are two, ALWAYS. So we have one more near the house at least. Be EXTRA careful. The dog is OK she looked funny for a few days.

Another beautiful sign of spring is male peafowl in full strut. They are beautiful! They will strut for almost anything! I took these pictures the other day. He really didn't want me to see his beautiful front.

I did two full circles with him showing his back to me.

I never did get a great picture of him. I love the colors and love close-ups of the feathers though. Even the not pretty feathers are beautiful close up.

The down side of peafowl is the noise, especially during spring. I usually tell when we have a thunderstorm getting close because the males are trying to scream louder than the thunder. ANY loud noise sets them off. Kid screaming, bell ringing, door slamming all make the peacocks try to out loud them.

Tomorrow we are off to Lubbock for a check up for D8. He came on seizure meds. I am praying that they are ready to take him off of them. My understanding is this is probably what will happen. Please everyone stand in agreement that he will seizure free and med free. Also please pray for a safe trip. It will be a long day. We will leave shortly after 5 AM and not be home until late. Two oldest are staying home. They have piano. DIL will be here too. They can do their chores and school.

Yesterday dh, with very little help from me got my drip line hung. Now I need to put the drops and "T" tape down for the beds. I may work on that today. He also rebuilt the fountain. He isn't totally pleased with the way it is working so wants to "tweak" it some. I will get pictures after the tweaking. We took down our old garden fence. This is taking some getting use to since that fence has been here since we moved here..... 15 years ago or about that. I have some volunteer trees in that area that have to go. I have offered them to my DIL. I "think" we can take the bobcat and a chain and pluck some of them up. Then take them to her house and with the same bobcat dig enough hole to get them in the ground. We will have to stake them until the roots get established. I don't know what kind of trees they are but they are hardy! They would make shade.
OK it took me 1/2 day to get the pictures to upload on here. That with all the life interruptions! All have a blessed day!

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