Friday, April 30, 2010

Hatching, school, life...

Not a lot going on. Three kids are finishing up their school year today. MJ is totally done. He is bugging me to upload his next school. I am going to let him upload next years in a bit. The others have various test to finish, but T is already wanting her next years uploaded.

The duck eggs I sat almost 4 weeks ago are hatching. I had one pip on Wed. night it died in the shell. One was pipped yesterday morning, but still not out this morning. I broke around and allowed him to push on out. Kids say he is now waving his head around. I thought the temps were just a tiny bit low. With them hatching early it may be a tiny bit hot. They "should" hatch on Sat. I wonder if any will since they started early. IF I get stuck with ONE duck does anyone want a duck? :) I will probably order some over the weekend or Monday and get them ASAP.

Yesterday was therapy. Therapist gave a wonderful testimony on the two new ones. She said they are doing better than she ever dreamed they would be at this point. Better than she dreamed possible. God gets the glory! He is doing a work in them.

We are working toward camping next weekend. I need to get granola made, maybe today. I will start filling the camper as I get stuff this week. I need to send the paper goods to the camper today. Swim shoes and bathing suits need to go too.

I bought MN a new swimsuit yesterday. She liked it! We did a mix and match. We found a spandex type nylon shirt like swimsuits are made out of in the boys section that will dry fast. She found a running bra made out of the same stuff. Bottomed it off with a pair of boys swim shorts she liked. We started looking at shirts made to cover women's swim suits. Most of them had pink in them. She does NOT like pink. She also wanted her bottom more covered than the suits cover. So we migrated over to the boy's dept. I was proud of her for LOOKING at the girl stuff first.

I am starting a new project today. I want to build me a tomato plant holder. I have been studying on the topsy turvy tomato planters. They are way $$$$. Yes, I am cheap. I have an idea for a tall multi layered tomato planter. I will take pictures today as I put it together. This provided I can find dad's drill or some other way of cutting holes in PVC.

I am off to eat breakfast and play! All have a blessed day!


Teresa said...

Use an old pickle bucket. Put a hole in the bottom just big enough for the plant, add a few rocks aroound the opening and then pour in the dirt. We used to make them to hang on our deck. Multiple holes in the side are difficult, but if you keep them low them work pretty good.

Jan aka PraiseHisName said...

You're not cheap! Just frugal and taking care of what God provides!