Friday, April 2, 2010

This and That

Weeding the garden.......... worse than redneck style!

Kids wanted to have a garden. I needed the weeds down. So I did it the lazy way. I opened the garden gate and shooed the lambs, calves and goats. I shut the gate behind them! They ate and stomped around all day. It is weeded pretty well. They did eat the fennel, (oh darn!) They ate some of the onion tops. That was all there was to eat that we might want to eat also.

On to my accomplishments for the day/week. I transplanted some mint and some Mexican Petuna roots earlier in the week. The mint was already growing. The Mexican Petunia I know is all mixed in with the mint so by digging a shovel of mint and dirt I hope to have gotten the other roots.

The mint didn't even wilt when I transplanted it.
Good news! If you can't tell what you are looking at it is a mesquite budding! With a tiny set of leaves. This isn't a big tree, they aren't there yet.

The reason I am excited is this is the best indicator of spring! Seldom do the big trees get killed back by frost. I am hoping that since this is Easter weekend and we are going to get down into the 30s we are done with freezing until fall.
I ask MJ to put together some stakes using three of them to make a hanger for some flower bed covers. He worked hard at it and did a great job.

Off to do chores! All be blessed!

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