Friday, May 28, 2010

Holiday Weekend....And afternoon ramblings...

I love holiday weekends, usually the grocery store has some good buys.  Since I buy very little that isn't on sale I stock up.  

We are planning on having BBQ chicken Sat.  We wanted brisket, but it wasn't on sale.  Ribs are number one but they weren't on sale either.   So it will be chicken!   I only bought once case!   I never buy case chicken that I don't remember the time my oldest walked out of the store on me for buying cases.  I was filling the basket with the 10 lb bags of chicken when a worker told me they have them in cases.  After finding out they are 40 lbs I ask for 2 case.  Ds went poof!   I do remind him of it when he buys cases of food now.    Today I only bought one case.  I think I have one case in the freezer still. 

They had corn on the cob.  They even gave a choice of each or by the case.  I took two cases of corn on the cob.   Watermelon were down to almost reasonable.  I only got 3 of them.   I hope the kids picked good ones.   That was their dept.    I will hold them responsible for any yucky watermelons.

As I sit here I wonder at how blessed I am.   I have one, D8 learning typing on the computer.  Both girls were working on skirts.  T has now finished hers.  I marvel at how happy she is.  I have held her nose to the grind stone on it and not allowed her to play on the computer or just play to finish her projects.  She struggles with starting and never finishing.  I have made her finish.  She is proud.  I am sure she will be wearing it to Church on Sunday.   Everyone please pray that MN develops a love for sewing.  She doesn't "like" it, but I think she would be much happier with her cloths if she mastered it.   She is now working on her skirt.   I will take pictures  Sunday morning of those that are done.

D11 is working on finishing this weeks school.  MJ was discussing how to make chicken pot pie for supper.  I'm not sure if that is what we are having or not.  He discussed it then went poof. 

We had a fun filled day at the park earlier today with friends.   We are going to start a Bible Study for some of us moms while the kids hang out.   This will give our kids more time to fellowship and us more time to fellowship and grow with God.  Our "plan" is to do it every other Friday when we don't have produce.  I hope it can be a great time of bonding for us and our children.  

Tammy, I will get pictures of my shelving uprights.  I am just hiding out in the AC and playing on here instead of going outside.  

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