Saturday, May 15, 2010


Last night we had storms headed our way. I watched and listened to the weather spotters as the storms became ugly west of us about 2 counties, spawning one comfirmed tornado according to the spotters. I watched clouds, radar, (it even got pink in one spot), and listening to the spotters as they chatted about what they were seeing. Now as I type this you might think I was worried or scared. Far from it! As dark came and the storms came close I grabbed the camera and out the door I went! I really got a laugh out of it. Both new boys were nervious about the storms. They are afraid. The ones that have been here longer have become much more like me. :)

D10 said I was strange. He had never had a mom that was excited about storms and not afraid. I laughed, and took some more pictures. I also pointed out to him that we have authority over storms according to the Bible. That Jesus spoke to the storm and it became calm. We were given that same authority.

Here are some of the pictures I took. We ended up with only .6 of an inch of rain. Some areas got over 2 inches. Lots of lightening around. It was an awesome display that left many people without power for several hours. I have not heard of any real damage. I do wish we had gotten more rain. Maybe we will tonight, as we again have a 70% of rain and storms.

Cats playing before the storm.

Best thing to do is read or listen to the Bible being read while it storms.

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RZ said...

They were pretty cool looking from above about 1:30 too.