Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Puppies Puppies PUPPIES .... Kid tested!

Here are the little ones.   They were born April 22.  So they are now 4 weeks old.   They are attacking the dog food with milk in it.   They aren't eating dry yet.
As you can see they are chicken safe..... at least for now!

Did I mention we have 10?   I would like to sell them for $75, giving to friends and family. 
Now for the kid tested ones.  These are 1/2 guardian dog and 1/2 mountain cur.   They are so laid back.   They don't try to escape the loving arms of a 2 yo.   They were born April 11Th.   They are about 6 weeks old now and ready for homes.   

Lots of blurry shots.  Try getting 7 puppies and a 2 yo to be still!

All the ones of grandson on the tub he is avoiding the puppies.  He did discover it is lots of fun to push them off as they try to climb up. 

Baby toes are so tasty!   Puppies kept trying to sample them.  
"Mommy can I keep it?" 
He was having fun bringing each puppy to me for pictures.  
This is my favorite picture of all I took.  Puppy does look a little bored but grandson is SO proud!

I don't know if you can tell how calm these puppies are being toted.   They don't squirm or try to get down.  I have only one that avoids grandson.   The rest are right there to be loved.
These must be baying dogs as they have a kid treed. 
Something else I notice as he plays with them, or even just when we are in the barn area.  They don't bark much.   With a kid or kids in the barn they don't bark.  They do LOTS of tail wagging though.  


~Tammy~ said...

How completely cute! Too bad we are already dogged up.

Dawn Stratton said...

Just came across these pictures upon accident...What beautiful puppies!