Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend ramblings and other life happenings...

Last Thursday I kept grandson. He was a bit fussy. So T came up with a solution! She made him a car to be pushed around it. What you can't see is the blanket in the bottom to be soft to sit on. The pillow behind him shows up. Not sure who had more fun!

Next day grand daughter got plopped in it. She wasn't as sure about it. Once it started moving it was fine though! Girls sit her in it so she could watch them wash dishes.

Sat. I went to an auction. I had a lot of fun. My DH stayed home. Well, he stayed home until I called him as I had filled my truck and had just bought a load of shelving. It doesn't have the uprights, but I now have a pick up LOAD of the peg board and the shelves for like grocery store shelves. I need to find where to find the uprights. Any ideas?

While I was gone my SIL and nephew came over for the weekend. He discovered that I had a mama duck and 4 babies in the pond. Sunday morning there were 3 babies. Monday morning 2 swimming and one hurt/dying. I had the kids catch those two.
My nephew took pictures of them on my camera swimming in the pond. I know I saw them, but this morning they were gone when I went to down load them.

He did get pictures of the peafowl. We had a mama come in with 7+ babies Sat. also. :)

Monday morning I had one chasing a pea hen, but that hen made it known that she was not his mama. So I had the kids collect it and add it to the "collection".

Sunday my son and DIL went to a home birth party. They came home with a chick. Seems someone had lost all of them but one and wanted a new home for it so.....

I had a chick to care for. I guess God knew that that chick needed buddies.
The black duck doesn't show up against the black scratch guard plastic I have in there to contain mess more. Chick is totally at home. The others are OK, but run to the back when we come near. I think that will change. All I need is a baby guinea to add to the zoo!   How confused will these be as they grow up "buddies"?   Should be interesting.  

Not much other news.  Kids are done with piano for at least a month as their teacher does an internship and also gets set to go to college this fall.  

Pool is about clean and we are swimming in it.  I swam the other night for the first time.  It was nice!  If it hadn't been 10:30 I might have swam longer.   As it was I cooled off and went to bed.  

Everyone have a blessed day!


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Homemade cars are the best kind. Smart gal there, T.

~Tammy~ said...

Take a picture of the shelves you need the uprights for, unless you find a name brand stamped someplace in them. "Lozier" is the brand my store uses, but there are several makers.