Friday, May 28, 2010

You know it is going to be an interesting day when.........

The kids come in saying, "Mom, Rosie has porcupine quills".  

After very little searching look what I found!!!
This one is only about 1/2 grown. 

They are really neat critters! 
I scooped him in a box.  He is now in the back of the ranger waiting to be relocated far from the house. 
MN is so much my child.  She ask if they make good pets.  I had to own up to having one we found when I was a kid.  It was caught in a snare.   We kept it a few weeks then turned it loose.  It would eat cow cake, setting up on it's back legs.   

I may wait until this evening so grandson can see it before I turn it loose.

Kids are discussing what cage we can put it in until tonight.  :)  

Guess I should make a move to get it done so we can go play in the park with friends.

Hope everyone elses day is less eventfull than ours has started out!

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RZ said...

We have a one day rule around our house for unusual pets. Otherwise Michael's collection of every horny toad in Concho county would take over.