Monday, May 17, 2010

Quite day............ way to quite..................

Today I have heard from all the kids more than once that they sure miss Grand son! Mom graduated on Sat from college. Now she is staying home! How dare her!!!!!! I really think she needs a 4 year degree instead of a 2 year!!!!

Here are a few snapshots of the past 8 months! We have kept him since he was 8 months old, not crawling much less running. We have went from gates to keep him out of the kitchen and from falling down the garage steps to him thinking that the garage steps are a favorite place to play.

I do almost feel sorry for my DIL since this child has had 5-7 kids at his call 4 days a week, then his sister at home on the weekends to play with. Now it is him and mommy all day. Bet I got a lot more done today than she did!

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Crystal said...

You are right about that!!! But I am not sure if it's that it is too quiet here or if it was because he is sick...he woke up from his nap on Sunday afternoon after we got him from church with a fever and has been feeling bad!! He started actually playing last night...before that he was just sitting on my lap falling asleep or just staring into space all day...Don't worry, you can watch him soon!