Sunday, May 30, 2010

Girls and their skirts....

This is MN.  She is now 12.  she is modeling her skirt she made yesterday.  

Notice the stylish shoes she has chosen to set her beautiful skirt off.  
This is T. She is 9 she has made two skirts, but in her "rush" to finish she made one of them upside down.   She then got to pratice ripping out seams.
Her shoes DO match!

I tried to explain to both girls that if they put a split in the side it would be easier to walk.  They neither one saw the need.   T has already ask me how to split her skirt.  She seemed to need more walking space.  MN may not do this one but I have a feeling she will also make a walking split in the other one.   I do not know why both of them wanted the skirts so long, but they did.   T did tell me she could wear it longer this way.  

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~Tammy~ said...

Nola, they are both such beautiful girls!