Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Since I don't have a 1 yo to chase I decided to look for a simple skirt pattern for the girls. I was looking on line and found this: www.theartfulcrafter.com/skirt.html It looked SOOOOOO simple I abandond looking on line and decided to try it. I measured T's lenght. Then I allowed her to pick out a piece of material that she liked from our stash. It was 30 inches wide. I cut it off at her lenght sewed it together put a "hem" top and bottom, added elestic to the top and finished product! Two hours later she has a nice bright flowered skirt to wear. I think it is a little to much material around, but it is still pretty and she was thrilled. From Start to finish it took me 2 hours. That with all the inturptions such as helping with school, taking son up to get his truck from under the shed. I will pick out some material for MN a skirt this afternoon since we have to go see CPS.

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