Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our day.......

I thought I would give everyone a snap shot of our day. This isn't all that is going on but just a few of the things I caught before I started trying to post. Blogger is NOT posting pictures well today or allowing me to move them like it should.

MN decided to bake cookies. After much searching for a good recipe she decided on chocolate chip. At our house it isn't as simple as getting the flour out. First you have to GRIND the wheat berries to make the flour. Today that required opening a 5 gallon bucket of berries.

After much work I caught the boys doing school. MJ and MN both dislike the camera. I try to catch them not aware I have it.
TJ has dinner tonight. I suggested crock pot bake potatoes with all the trimmings. I have read about them but never tried them. I will let everyone know how it works.
Update since I had a friend come visit before I again re posted as blogger kept posting when I didn't want it posted! The 'tators were wonderful! Some were a little over cooked but we had 2 crock pots full and after eating were down to a few. We will do this again, maybe even with sweet potatoes.
MN thought she was dodging the camera. I teased her she poised with an "S" poise. She wasn't impressed. She told me she wasn't posing but trying to avoid the camera. :) I know but .....

The blur is another child avoiding the camera. They don't dodge this much when I have water!

Breakfast clean up! T is working hard on her part, which was dishes this morning!
Now if I really want to clear the room I use this.........

This is my own mixture of essential oil and vinegar with a bit of dish soap. MMMMM it runs dogs, kids, flies, bugs ....... works well!
MJ "doing school" ? More like he was sitting then when he saw me hid his faceI decided my ducks and geese needed more room. I moved them into larger digs. They love it.
Where you might ask is their new digs?
It is a good thing DH doesn't read my bog!
Wonder how long it will take him to notice they are no longer in the front yard by the pump house?

Consequences..... with help! Mr. D8 has been building all week to some stiff consequences. He earned them. Weeding an area in the back yard. I couldn't keep from taking pictures and laughing as he pouts, screams, yells, but doesn't cuss (improvement). He attracted some "helpers" They like where he is messing around in the dirt. I have saw peafowl, chickens, dogs and cats "helping".
He is testing to see if he really has to weed the area or if I will give in. Funny IF he took advice he could save himself some time since this isn't a new consequence. Others are looking at him and thinking back to when they sat and refused to pull weeds. I allowed the weeds would just keep growing and they would keep missing fun things. Finally it would register on them mom really meant it.

See the garden hose? That is his area. He knows exactly how much to do. Dad assigned it last night and showed him. He started then. OUTSIDE the area! Folks this is what is known as ODD or oppositional defiant disorder. I ask him last night where dad said pull weeds. He told me exactly. I just say "Cool! love it that you are doing the whole back yard!" He sorta got back in his area since he didn't get the reaction he wanted.
Night has come before I finished. He has gotten a lot of the weeds pulled as he fussed and complained about it. I just laugh and go on with life.
Other fun news!!!! I get to keep grand son tomorrow!!!!! Not sure who is more excited me are the kids. :)

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