Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday............. Finally!

It has been a busy week around here, not so much with things but just life. Being a short week with DH home on Monday added to the week going swiftly.

School has been happening for some kids while others have procrastinated and still others have tested the boundaries only to discover the world of being tomato staked. In tomato staking I have really realized how smart D8 is. He HATED being stuck to me. Or protest about it rather loudly and long. Once that passes, as I work hard to ignore it and go on with life he will chat and visit with me. One day he read me the whole book of Jonah from the Bible then we talked about it. He does have an easy version of the Bible, but even so he read it well stumbling over few regular words. Each day I give him a chance to do correctly. His is totally testing. It isn't he didn't understand. He "wants to make you mad". I have done pretty well not getting mad, just drawing him near for the rest of the day. I did laugh to my self as he was looking at his little Bible and announced that the books of the Bible were in the wrong order. HE would have put them in different! This is ODD to the max! :) In our talking I did come to understand where a lot of his anger comes from. He in his heart believed his dad killed his mom. That he didn't feed her so she died. She had cancer. We prayed and talked about dad not killing mom but the cancer doing it. I ask him to forgive his dad for it even if he really didn't do it but because he thought he had. We prayed again and he forgave him. I quietly whispered "satan he has forgiven so you lost your legal access, get out!" It was amazing. In just a second he looked at me and said, "My anger is gone!" Later yesterday he told the therapist that his dad didn't kill his mom but the cancer did. He was able to focus on feelings of sadness instead of the anger blocking that. Therapist saw no sign of the anger during their session. I am hoping that today he will be able to focus on school instead of making people mad.

Yesterday while we were in town we were blessed with over an inch of rain. I am thinking it came hard and fast. I am sorry I missed it, I love a hard rain. Pond is about fill, it was way low. The road coming in was interesting to say the least. I got to break trail with the bus. I did put it in 4wd at the hwy. This one you have to lock the hubs so waiting until you are in a bind to shove it in 4wd doesn't work. I was glad I did when I got to the private road. It had rained so hard that it washed the dirt down to the bottom of the draw. That left a silty mess standing in water to go through. We have a 90% of rain today. Maybe we will get some hard rain today for us to enjoy it at home.

Today should be our Bible Study, but I am skipping it. I have stay home fever :) I need to stay on some behaviours and it is hard to do that without 100% focus. I also just want to stay home. Dealing with behaviours can be draining :)

The Bible Study is going well. If I am not careful though it will turn into a 50 or 60 day fast instead of 40 as I have missed one day of my book. It isn't a short quick study each day. I invest about one hour in it. Finding time to do this with little distraction is hard. I have done it two days with small child sitting on the floor or couch beside me. :) I am enjoying the study. I do struggle with wanting to get on the net when I break from what ever I am doing. With small child tomato staked to me it would be so nice and easy to sit and play on here during the day. Instead I have drug him around the house with me and sit and read a great book. I have also spent lots of time just chatting with him.

Not sure what this weekend will bring for us to do. I think it will be to wet for my dh to play in the dirt. He is digging calchie to work on our road. Once he gets a lot dug then he spends a weekend extending the solid dirt on our road instead of mush. He extend the built up solid road last weekend using all he had dug.

Here is a link to some local friends that are on a mission trip. Please keep them in prayer and follow their amazing story as they post from Brazil the amazing things they are getting to be a part of.

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