Saturday, July 3, 2010

Life in the country ........

Isn't always fun! Today we had to get rid of two of our dogs. I discovered they had decided to chase and kill sheep. We lost 2-3 ewes and 1-2 nannies over the last couple of days. Two of the ewes had lambs so we have 5 bottle babies now.

Several of us cried as we took them to the pound. I am glad DH could take them as I don't think I could have. MN went with him. D11 cried hard. I was glad in that he could feel compassion for them and be sad. I was sad as it HURTS! We talked about why and that we have to keep every one and every thing safe. Since we couldn't even keep them in the yard they had to leave.

I am thankful that we do have the puppies and had decided to keep Swan. We will also keep one female pyr/anatolan cross. I am working on teaching her to stay with the lambs.

The two dogs we had to get rid of were Snowball our anatolian/pyr and Rosie. I am most sad about Rosie as she only obeyed me and was sort of my dog.

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Ouch, that does hurt, Nola. Praying for your hearts to feel comfort and for the kids to see how seriously you take the lambs safety and to realize you care for THEM and would do all to keep them safe in the same way - even more. That you are prepared to do the hard things to keep the vulnerable safe. Praying for the hearts of all - yours included. Sorry to hear about "your" dog.