Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Plans and rambling..

Not sure where all the week went.  I did spend WAY to much time in town this week.   I spent Monday and Tue. researching cell phones since mine had decided to cut off at random.  Most times it would come back on when I turned it on.  Some times I would have to turn it on several times before it would stay.  Have I mentioned how I do not like having to change things unless I want to?   Finally Wed. I was ready to go in and look, feel, touch phones and see which ones I liked best.   The one I thought I would like best I liked least.  My DH was pushing for an iPhone.  I am cheap.  Besides we would have to switch to AT&T to get one.   After looking at phones provided by our server I agreed to check out the competition.   I had to agree the iPhone was easier to use.  My large fingers worked well on the typing etc.  So   I decided to go with an iPhone.  

I had went to town on Wed with a LONG list of things to do.  I did not plan on spending a lot of time on the phone hunt.   So much for my plans.  By the time we had looked at two different places and played with them and listened to the sale pitches of them lots of time had happened.  I managed to do my Wal-mart, but not Sam's or Tractor Supply.   Thursday I had my monthly Heart to Heart for us moms.  So I went in early to finish shopping.   Once I was done shopping I met DH at the iPhone store to get all that done.    It took FOREVER!   :)   I did have a nice evening with another mom that came to Heart to Heart. 

Friday I started learning how to play with my phone.  I do like it.   I have talked on it ONE time :)  I have played with the apps a lot.  I downloaded a GPS application that has a tracker for walking.  This morning I tried it out.  I discovered my morning walk is longer than I thought.  It is 1.51 miles and I walked it at an average of 2.5 mph.  :) with a top speed of 6 mph.  I was impressed with myself!   I did do it a tiny bit later this morning.  I didn't need my flashlight.  I was safely guarded by all the dogs.   I even avoided tripping over any of them or stepping on them.  I did kick a few of them out of my path.   Grizzly is the worst, as he will get in front of you and slow down to a crawl.  I kick his back feet until he gets the message to walk faster or avoid me.

There are so many applications you can download.  I have to be careful or I can get caught up in looking for the ones I like and not do life enough :)   I am still sticking to the no interent during the day for play.  I did get on yesterday morning and register my phone and do that type stuff. 

I have found a weather app that has a radar on it.  That should be fun when we again start getting rain.   I love following the radar.   I found a Bible app that allows me to read the Bible or find different thinks in the Bible all from my phone.  Yes, I am having fun!   No, I am not interested in the games.  I feel this could easily become a thorn in my side.  I will avoid the temptation to start with.  When we were looking the sales person showed me a grocery list that was really neat.  Not sure if that is the one I found or not.   I will play with it and see.   Maybe that way I won't leave my list at home!

We are off to the flea market this morning.   It should be a nice warm day.   I think they are saying 99, which usually means over 100.   I want to run by Sam's also and get some salad stuff as ours didn't come in on produce yesterday.   I got tomatoes and avocados but no romaine lettuce.  Kids want to go eat Chinese too.   They all love it! 

I guess I had better get me moving and go find a cow.  She seems to not remember that I milk every morning and I usually have to retrieve her from the hill.  Kids enjoy it.   I can also check my sheep which seem to be lambing like crazy.  I have 5-8 lambs on the ground it seems.  This is very early for lambs but they will sell early when there are few lambs on the market, making the price higher.  

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