Friday, July 2, 2010

Wet, Rainy, Humid.... wonderful!!!!

We are being blessed with wonderful rain. It has fallen slow and while we haven't gotten a huge amount of rain, we are very muddy. I love it!

It should prove interesting as we have produce today. I think I will just start out in 4wd.

T just brought in a beautiful peach! We have two peach trees one has zero the other one has a few. Seems they must be ripe.

I am sticking to my no net during the day. I have to say it is very hard as I was always running buy and checking email or posting a funny a kid said or looking up a recipe or ....... Not so much long stretches of net time but a zillion times a day I was on for 5-15 minutes. I am sure by the end of 40 days I will be out of the habit.

D11 helped pick more peaches. He said he has never eaten a peach that he knows of. I think he means a fresh peach. I know he has had peach cobbler. He said it taste good!

Puppies are doing good. I still have 4 that need homes. Any takers? Two guarding and 2 cur crosses. One of the cur crosses will make an awesome kid dog. He LOVES the kids and socializing. The other one is more standoffish but not unfriendly. Pepper is what I named the fox terrier. I know he is growing, he just doesn't look it. He can get on the bed and he can get on the couch. He is grandsons favorite toy! I am forever telling him to put the dog down! Funny dog doesn't avoid him so I guess he isn't to rough as he totes him.

OK off to milk and off to do produce. I ordered 6 watermelons! Hope they all come in!

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