Sunday, July 18, 2010

Up's and downs of life....

Grand baby went home today :(   I smiled to my self as my 11 yo came through saying, "Mom it feels weired not having K here to watch."  This is the child that 7 months ago didn't have a clue about babies and toddlers. Now he LOVES them.  We had a great time.  He slept good every night.   I have a secret to get him to sleep good.  EXHAUSTION!!!!!   I played him hard every day all day.  Last night he was sitting on the couch just sinking into the couch.  DH scooped him and lay him in the play pen.  Not a sound!  He fussed very VERY litte, even being drug all over the flea market, sams and a chinese restaurant yesterday. 

My puppies picked up hook worms.  I have never had issues with worms in dogs before.   DS's puppy we gave him was sick right before they left.  He took him to the vet and vet said terrible case of hookworms.  My litter mate was acting off so I looked up what types of wormer would kill hook worms and had some.  I wormed her, but she kept getting worse for a few days.   Then last night I noticed that one of the three we had that were 1/2 cur was acting 'off" so I wormed them.  This morning the one that wasn't feeling well last night was very sick.  We pumped him full of eletolights, clorphille, and red cell (which is high in iron.)  I had done that to the other sick puppy last night.  This morning she was MUCH better so I had hope for this puppy.  Sad to say he didn't do as well.  He was dead when we got home this evening.   I have since wormed all the other puppies.  Sick puppy ate a can of dog food tonight.  She seems a LOT better.  

Since we lost one, God saw fit to reward us with OLD dog having puppies.  Funny she had them near where the other pup died.  I don't know how many.   TOOOOOOOOOO many I know that.  I saw 2.  I am not sure she is done having them.  We really thought she was to old to breed, as she has "missed" several times.   So much for that thought!  Anyone want a puppy in 6 weeks?  They are 1/2 mountain cur 1/2 guardian puppy.

I need to wave the white flag on my Bible Study.   I have missed 2 days.  I do not like to miss!!!  I really really am a person when I decide to do something I want to do it 110%.   It bugs me having things not done "right" or the way they are suppose to be.   That said IF I decided to follow a different path that is fine, but once I commit, I like to stay on track.  I am off and can't decide if I want to get back on or just go from here tomorrow.  I will see what tomorrow brings.   

Oh chicks!   I forgot them until I heard them cheep cheep cheep!   Where they came from?  An egg or really two eggs I am guessing.   They were wondering around the barn the other day.   Sooooooo   you guessed it, they are now in the school room, in a little cage, inside a big cage to keep it cat proof since MN's cat is very interested in them, and I don't think it is to make friends with them.  Some more of this life is never dull around here!  

I know life and death are part of life.  It makes me sad when I loose something, but it also helps my children process losses in their life.   There are lots of questions when we loose an animal and lots of tears usually.  This puppy doesn't seem to be so great a loss, maybe because they knew we didn't plan on keeping him.  He was sweet, and I am sad.  Kids are sad, but not broken hearted.   They do know that I did all I could to save it.   We did talk again today about Rosie and Snowball, and how their choices made it unsafe for them to live here.   D11 said those were the first dogs he had ever gotten to know.  :)    It allows more talk of choices and how they effect every one, and every thing.    Life lessons that are tough.   

Guess I better get off here and visit with DH some :)   We don't seem to have time very often when it is quite enough to visit and we aren't wiped out.   Have a blessed evening, and a wonderful week!

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