Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday........I think............

But with dh still napping in bed it doesn't seem so. DIL and I were laughing that our husbands home today will mess up the rest of our week.

We just KNEW it was going to rain yesterday. The radar showed LOTS of rain west of us and since usually it slowly moves east we figured by the time we were done at church it would be raining. WRONG! I guess it is our fault. DH used the bobcat to move the BBQ pit onto the porch so we could cook ribs in the rain. We did cook ribs, on the porch, just no rain.

We had been invited to several different places, but decided to just stay home. DH cooked ribs kids swam and played. Older ds and his family came over, then some friends of theirs came. They kids of all ages played tether ball and tug a war. They ate watermelon and just stayed up late. I am sure they had fun.

We are starting to look like fruit. Our produce order got messed up some how and we ended up being able to buy extra cases of fruit. I told a friend at church that you know you are on overload when we fix a fruit salad for church and it isn't all eaten. They also got in on the fruit. We got cases of 2 kinds of cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums, black berries and....... maybe that is all! It was all so good! Kids are eating HUGE amounts of fruit. With the walk in frig I find that food keeps so much longer and better. I also got my 6 watermelons. They only ate one last night so that leaves 5 more to go with the rest of the snacking. I don't see me cooking much this week. DH cooked a case of ribs. I had made roast for church seems they didn't even start to finish that. I have been ordering bags of romaine salad from produce. So good and again spoils me to having it so ready. With all that I see no reason to cook this week.

Today I don't know what we will do. I don't have real plans. I should do my laundry or it will throw the whole week off. At least I can hang them on the line today. It has been so wet that even hanging clothes under the porch they don't dry well. Beyond that I don't have any plans. I may tackle the porch and get it really clean. I am sure kids would love to help with that. Dh does have a handy power washer so :) I know the spiders that decorate the porch won't find it fun!

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