Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Walk

Ever walk alone on a dark road? As I did my early morning walk today I thought about two Bible passages. Matthew 7:14 “Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way, which leatheth unto life, and few there be that find it.” and Psalms 119:105 “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path”. It was DARK this morning. I usually can allow my eyes to adjust to the darkness and see my path. This morning between the blessed grass that covers the “road” on the back side and the darkness I had to break out my flashlight.
I started my walk without it. I just “knew” my eyes would adjust! Usually they do. I stepped in a nice squishy pile of cow poop! Even then I didn’t give in and turn my flashlight on. I then missed my turn and took the scenic route by the dump instead of the straighter path I was planning to walk. When I finally admitted I was on the wrong path I got my flashlight out of my pocket and found my bearings. Then I had to find my way back to the right path.

Once on the right path I had a choice again cut the light out and do it on my own or use the light. I am a slow learner so I cut it off again. I love the feel of the early morning quite and dark, but today it was a tad too dark. After a few steps I surrendered to the flashlight.

Then I had a choice to make. I could shine the light at my feet so I could see the next 1-3 steps or I could shine it off in the distant and see where I was going but not the path that led there. I was really no better off with a light and it pointed way ahead than I was with no light. I still couldn’t put my foot firmly on the path, since I couldn’t see the path. I could see where I was going, just not where my foot needed to be placed next. Since my path lead down a rocky slope then back up the other side, then around a curve and again down a rocky slope knowing where to place my foot was more important than the “big picture” of where I was going. I knew where I was going, I didn't have to see it all time.

On the way back toward the house I could see the light of the house. I knew that was where I wanted to be, but if I focused on that instead of the steps getting there I would have again been lost as I would have had barriers I couldn’t get across (fences) going straight to where I thought I needed to be.

As I took the path to the house which didn’t seem the quickest way, but was the path my flashlight lighted at each step I made I reflected on how much our Christian walk was like my walk this morning.

We just know our way is best. We don’t need help. We step in the cow poop of life. We get on the wrong path. We may even ask God into our life and allow Him to put us on the right path. We again cut the light out and try it our way. Once we admit we need God we still want the big picture. We want to have the whole path lit, not just the next step. As we are looking at the big picture we stumble because our next step isn’t where we are looking. Once we surrender all and allow Him to lead us one step at a time our life changes. Our focus is no longer on where we are going but each step of obedience to get us there. Once we become dependent on His light our walk become easier. We trust His path is best, even when it “looks” like a different path would be.

As we submit all to God then He is able to take us on steeper paths that without our focus being on the next step we would never be able to walk. He can take us over the mountains, not just through the valley. The high paths He will lead us on will take us places we could never dream of going without submitting all to Him, without total dependence and trust in Him. It is where He wants us to be. He wants us to stop and enjoy the view on the path He leads us on. He wants us to stop and look at where the ultimate goal (Heaven) is. That just isn’t where He wants our focus. We need to be focused on the next step He wants us to take.

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Jan said...

Thanks for a quiet reminder of where my focus needs to be - on today! Still remembering your family in our prayers.

God Bless,
aka PraiseHisName