Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Happenings....

Yesterday we cleaned porch. Most people repaint every few years to keep the house looking nice. We sided our house with metal siding,( Think roofing metal). So to "re-paint" we break out the power washer. It looks really good. We worked on it most of the day. Cleaning junk off the porch, cleaning the dirt and cobwebs off the walls and ceiling. I even re-seated one chair that the dogs had eaten/chewed the bottom out of. I used more of the scrap indoor out door carpet I had. Seems to have worked really well.

Today DH got the solar hooked up to the pool. It should make the water warmer. Not that he will come swim with me. I think he "MIGHT" if there was tiny bubbles of boiling starting to form around the edges.

Dh is also on bike duty. Fixing flats, changing tires, all that good stuff to keep 4 kids riding. I have 1 that doesn't know how, and isn't ready to learn. I have 2 that ride a lot, and 2 that ride sometimes.

We made some awesome chicken for Church today. I took chicken breast and grilled them in palm oil. I added chili powder, garlic powder and, garlic and herb seasoning in liberal amounts to the chicken before it went on the grill. Once it was ready to cook I turned it over to T while I went and milked a cow. I had D11 busy making a blackberry/strawberry cobbler for church. He did a great job. Once I had him rolling crust out I left him to it.

When I got home from Church I gathered green chilies. Mmmmmm :) I will have T roast them in a bit. We have decided that we need to make up a candle that smells of green chilies roasting. Our favorite smell! I picked almost two, 3 lb coffee cans full. I still want a couple of bags from NM later.

I am longing for NM. I ask dh when we were taking vacation this year. :) He said he figured about the same time as most years, which is the first part of Sept. That is when the raspberries are ripe, green chili's are being roasted and sometimes apples are coming in. I agreed :) but REALLY wanted to escape. He said he wasn't above taking a long weekend away so maybe in the next few weeks we can sneak away for a 3 day weekend. I am ready!

This week I get to baby sit :) So glad my son is taking a few days off to go play in Vegas. I have no clue what he finds so interesting about that town. One visit was enough for a lifetime for me. Since he and his wife are going to get away I get to baby sit :) I am by far getting the best part of this deal! But, maybe I can get another grand baby out of this deal. :) I get to keep him Thur-Sunday. Not sure who is more excited me or the kids.

Time to get off here and go be mom again! All be blessed!!!!

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One Christian Mom said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. Enjoy your grandson. Hmmm, a vegas baby? I also don't get the allure of vegas, I have been there once and if I see it again, well, it will be to visit family I have in that area. I don't long to go there the way you yearn for nm (which I am assuming is new mexico?) I have family there, as well :)
God Bless!