Monday, July 12, 2010

Productive Day

Well, sorta productive. Dishes still haven't been done. I am NOT saying a word. We will see how long it takes for them to notice that they have dishes and consequences.

MJ made bread all by himself. I got him started and went out side to do my Bible study. I hid! He pulled it off perfect! I'm sure it wasn't done like I would have, but it is DONE and taste great! I assume my wheat grinder and Bosch still both work :)

D11 is cooking fajitas for supper on the grill. He is most excited! He had to bring me a piece of the meat. It is good. I would have seasoned it more, but hey I am not having to do it! We are having that as salad topper for salad tonight. I will have him slice some onion and peppers to go with it. I think I have some salad dressing made or we can have ranch. I am out of the good stuff from Sam's. He is so proud that I am allowing him to cook on the grill. I am amazed at the change I see in him. I am still working on speech issues and praying about him speaking more clear, but slowly it IS happening as my SIL can now understand him if he slows down.

I started my day with a set of triplet lambs in front of ds's house. Since mama was gentle and I wanted her babies to have a good start I brought them to the house and put them in a small patch where she can get extra feed. We are blessed with so much green. I could move her and have her get plenty to eat.

This morning D8 brought the milk cow to the house alone. I took him up on the hill in the ranger. Once we found the cows. I allowed him to bring her home. You have to understand the cow KNOWS where to go. She just needs someone to keep her on track. This is such a big deal as usually when he goes with the other kids he doesn't do well. Yet, he did great bringing her alone. I need to find ways to grow him without big brothers and sisters "help" more.

MN has been in a funk. I don't know how much is being almost 13 and how much is related to past events. She "broke" her computer so she is having to share with her brother. She gets it weekends, early mornings and evenings. She doesn't like that, but hey that is life when you do what mom said do not do. So she went through a, "I just won't do it" time. Her world just keeps shrinking. I think she has about decided maybe she WILL do it. Her choice! I am open to talk and open to helping her, but like I told her you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. She has to want to talk or help, until then small world.

Today T got her chores and school done early. She has played and worked hard at bossing others in their chores all day. Well all the chores but dishes. This should be interesting with the dishes over running the kitchen. I haven't decided how long I will let it go on. I want them to see what happens when it isn't done. Some times actions or lack there of speak louder than words.

Time to go feed babies. I have 5 bottle baby lambs. Or I should say bucket baby lambs. I kept one of the female pyr/anatolian cross puppies. She is with the babies. Over all she is doing good. I have one goat that drinks milk out of a pan, so she and the goat share the leftovers. She washes all the babies faces when they eat to clean them up.

I need to also go check my yogurt and see if it jelled in the BBQ pit all day. With the AC on it doesn't work setting it on the cabinet. I set out to find a "warm" spot and the BBQ pit seems to work great!

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One Christian Mom said...

When you said you had to go feed babies, I assumed one or more of your kids were under age 2! Silly me :) I wonder if the dishes have been done yet...

Oh, and I can't make yogurt at home this time of year, even with the air on, it spoiles before it jells. It's hotter than hot here!

God bless.