Friday, December 16, 2011

Homeschooling in Real Life

We are planning as a home church family to bless some families for Christmas.   We were buying staple groceries to bless them with yesterday.   I decided to let the 4 older kids handle the shopping.

 I gave them the list and told them to times 4 what they bought, but to shop smart and stretch the money.  
They did really good!    I loved watching them talk about and think about which item to buy and what size items to buy that would feed a family the best.  

They help buy groceries all time.  More and more I send them in different directions to get what is on our list.  We always price shop so they understand how.

After we bought for the families we talked about what they had bought and what they hadn't and how much $$$ it cost to buy just basic food without any fresh veggies or even meat.    I hope it helps them understand how much they need to get an education so they can have a good paying job. 

My prayer is that they take away from this a deeper understanding of what it takes to be an adult.  How choices now will effect them down the road.  I also pray they will develop compassion for those that aren't as blessed as they are.  That they will step up and help those that need help.  

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

What a great day filled with so many real life lessons!