Friday, December 16, 2011


I "borrowed" this from a friends blog. Stare if You Must . 

Of course I can never just borrow, I have to create!   We are blessing some families for Christmas, but I really wanted to bless these moms.   So we made bath salts and vanilla sugar for them.   As we were working on the bath salts grandson wanted to help.   Since I had plenty of baby food jars I filled one with Epsom salt most of the way to the top.  I cant figure out what color is his favorite color so used MINE.   I added equal drops of blue and green.   Then told him to shake.

Once it was shook up then I we painted a face on it and I made a hat for it.  
 He loved it!   He is giving it to his mommy.   

Here are some snap shots of the girls doing faces and hats.

 Choices choices choices, I had T bring down 4 colors for hats.   I ended up just going with 2 since that made long enough tubes to do more than one.
 Here is the tube ready to go on.   What I did different is I didn't use the wire like my friend.  I wasn't hanging it.  I don't like the inside of this fabric to turn it up, so turned it under to make it look smooth for the hat.
 Waiting on hats!
 All done!   Think I will just make some small tags and stick in the hats as to what is in here.  
The ones for gifts are layered like sand art.  Love how each face is different.  

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

These little guys turned out darling!