Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Puppy update...

Meet Freckles.   That was her name when we got her.  We really can't come up with anything better. Our old Freckles was a great dog.  We tried several names but first thing I knew she was Freckles again.  

 We bought 2 puppies, but the other belongs to my oldest.  He is needing a working dog with different blood lines and we pray will WORK.   His best working dog is a Florida Cur.   That dog would rather work than take care of puppies.   The puppy in this picture with D10 is Ranger.  See he has a white collar and wider blaze in the middle of his face.

They do seem to be catching on fast.   I told one of them no a little while go and it stopped what it was doing.   The seem to play pretty gentle with grandson.  They love on him but don't knock him down.  He figured out how to "lead" them yesterday.  He would as to bring the puppy to you.  We would agree and he would grab the collar and "lead" him to you. Puppy would apply all brakes and with my tile floor slide where ever he was to go.  Yes, they are leading pretty good now. 

I didn't get the one I thought I liked.  The lady had said she was a little more standoffish.  She was WAY more shy and wouldn't come up to you and would slink away. I liked her, she was beautiful, but I want an out going not shy puppy/dog.  These two don't seem to have a shy bone.  

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