Saturday, December 31, 2011

Starting a New Year...

I don't do resolutions, mine is to be better this year in the eyes of God than last year.  It continues to be that day in and day out, month in and month out, year in and year out.  

I do like to start new things with a new year.  I like the clean slate idea of it.  Usually I start a new Bible reading program.  There are many different ways to read the Bible in a year.   :)  I have done several.  The one that probably grew me the most was the year I read a Chronological Bible.   I finished that year with a much better understanding of how the books in the Old Testament mesh together instead of how they are presented. 

This year I am excited and feeling a bit overwhelmed at what I plan on tackling this year.   Back in the fall I found this book at Sam's:
I have glanced at it a couple of times and each time thought it looks really good.   Yesterday I sat down and LOOKED at it.  Wow, it is going to be a study!  It has a read the Bible in a year program in the front, so that is taken care of.  Then more reading for each day's devotional.   I am looking fwd to it.  

I also made copies of the read the Bible in a year in front of the devotional for all 5 kids.  I am going to challenge them to do it also.  

I have revamped some of my prayer journals and made each of my kids at home a prayer journal with their name and a special blessing on the front.  I am very pleased at how they turned out.   These are some of the extra prayer notebooks I made for retreat last year.  

We are also going to do some accountability for those of us with habits that we wish we no longer had.  I have each of the kids come up with 1-5 things they want to be held accountable for.   Not just bad habits, but lack of habits in things they want to have habits of.    Again we will see how this goes since I am making it up as I go along.   I planning on having a couple on this list also.  

A friend shared this link on de-cluttering and building better habits.  The decluttering calender looks really interesting and easy.   I think that is one thing I may put on my accountability list. 

I like this one, but wish I could tweak it to make it mine.  I may borrow some from it and make me one.
Daily Planner from Holy Experience

Hope this year is wonderful for everyone.  I pray that the Lord blesses each and everyone that reads this blog over the next year in ways that can only be from Him and that each of you grow and come to have a deeper love and understanding of who God is in your life.   

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