Friday, December 30, 2011

New "exercise"

Jump Rope!!!

 Yes, those are boots, and believe it or not she holds the championship in jumping!

We plan on taking the jump rope to church on Sunday and the park on park days.   It should be fun to get this fad started back.   Kids were looking on you tube with amazement Double Dutch Jumping.

Even mom got out there and jumped a few jumps.  My knees aren't use to this.  They were trying to run in and jump.  I finally took off my fanny pack and showed them.  Only problem was I got in and jumped ok, but my knees weren't prepared so I went to the ground.  It didn't hurt, just they folded.  I need to do more jumping before I try showing off. I did and do rub it in I can do it and they can't.  I think my record jumping was about 3 or 4 jumps.   This to can improve with practice.  

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