Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just life

Kitten is living up to his name.   He now owns the back of my rocking chair.

 And my lap........
 Look close at the ears peaking out of his hammock.  This is my shawl that stays on the back of my chair all time.  He got himself up there the first time.

 Today we were trying to rake out some of the tracked in mud.  Grandson loves the shop vac.  He was a big help to D12.   D would get where he was going to vacuum and then say turn it on!  

Not a lot else going on other than that.  The weather said 70 and sunny today.  So for the sun is missing.  It is warm, I have most of the windows open.   I trusted them and hung my jeans on the line.  In less than 5 minutes I heard it sprinkling.  Since I knew there wasn't much rain out there, (I had also checked radar, which showed no rain) I just left them on the line.  We will see if they dry.

Hummm sprinkling harder.... might even call it light rain.   

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