Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I did it! Satin Waterbed Sheets for Less than $40

My dh has wanted satin sheets for years.   We had some some cheap ones years ago that we both loved, but they wore out and I am cheap!   It's hard to find satin waterbed sheets.  When you do the cheap in me comes out and I won't pay for them. 

A couple of months ago we were talking about with my SIL.  She buys a lot from them.  He said something about wanting satin sheets.  She has made a lot of satin pillow cases.    I clarified and said WIDE satin.   Of course we don't just ask, by then one of us has our smart phone or a computer out looking it up. 

They had ONE color in stock wide enough.  It was an interesting yellow.    It was also clearance Now they were talking!   After much figuring by several people we came up with the amount of fabric we would need.   I placed the order, but you have to have $35 for free shipping.  So I had to go buy a spool of thread to send me over the free shipping limit. 

Once the material came in I was overwhelmed with cutting it.  I have yet to master cutting or drawing a straight line.  Even with a ruler.  I procrastinated.  Finally I ask dh if he would help me measure and cut.  I really hate cutting fabric.  It isn't even like hair that will grow back, once it is cut it is cut.  

We got it measured and cut and then I had to wait until I was in the mood to tackle it.  Yesterday was the day.  I hemmed both pieces, then sewed the pockets on.  I even put the elastic in the pockets for the bottom sheet.  It looked perfect!   It wasn't :(   Some how we had miss measured,  bottom sheet was to wide.  

I ripped the pockets off that side, then I waited on dh to come home to cut.   He cut it for me last night and this morning I finished them.   Even if I did them, I am proud of them.  They could be a tiny bit smaller across still, but they will work.  

I love everything about them but the color.  I can live with the color!  

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