Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I wish I could say the sewing bug had bit, but in part it hasn't.   I just have some part finished baby blankets and wanted to give one to the families we were blessing.   As usual the simple plan turned into not simple.  Dh had bought several large totes of baby quilt material, squares cut and part made blankets.  My idea was swoop in grab a top and sew a back.   Hey it should work!  

Wrong!   This quilt was to small so I sewed red strips around it to enlarge it.  All worked well until I discovered a flaw in the middle of the blanket.  Grrrr!   So I got creative.  I sewed a truck over the flaw!

I did the back in blue since I didn't have enough of any color.

The other one I did manage to just zap a back on and use.  It was narrow strips of material sewn together.  Really pretty!  

Then I realized as I was thinking birthday for grandson I had never done him a tied blanket.  I did the older two but he wasn't around.  Made birthday easy.  I did not follow protocol on how to do a tied blanket. The put a scene on ones side and a solid on the other.   I figured he would like both sides of this.

I had lots of help doing it. MN did most of the cutting.  D12 did all the tying.   I just got it straight, and marked where to cut the ties. 

Now just how do I wait a whole week and 1/2 to give it to him!  He will be 3.