Friday, December 2, 2011

Super Tonic

I just made this today.  I copied the recipes and what she had to say about it from the Texas Above Rubies Yahoo group where I got it.   I used equal parts of 8 oz of each with a quart of Braggs Vinegar.    We love it.  We being about 70% of the family.    Use it very sparingly on bread and I can eat a LOT. 
DIL was battling a headache.   Her face said she was working on getting ready to have a major allergy attack.  Within a few minutes of eating some on her bread she discovered not only was her head not hurting, but her she could breathe out of her nose deeply for the first time in a long time.  She ask for a jar to take home.

This recipe has been around for many, many years and has been helping people just as long; SuperTonic is one of the best ways to relieve a bunch health issues from acid indigestion to sinus problems, cardio supportive and a great overall tonic. Let's look at the ingredients and get a general sense as to why.

Cayenne - good for circulatory issues, cold hands, cold feet, the heart, blood pressure

Ginger - works on small vessel and capillary circulation, good for digestive issues

Onion - may make you cry, but oh so good for a cough and other respiratory issues

Garlic - hard to beat for a natural anti-biotic, aids in a healthy heart as well

Horseradish - sinus problems run for cover, good upper body circulation, really opens you up

Apple cider vinegar - the real unfiltered Bragg's, Hain or Spectrum brands that are not distilled, we know this type of apple cider vinegar is alkalizing, good for digestive stress and helps with circulation

The way to make SuperTonic is to combine equal parts (depends on the size of your blender, I use 1 cup as a part), so one cup each of fresh hot cayenne or habanero peppers, peeled sliced ginger, peeled chunked horseradish, peeled chopped onion, peeled garlic and one quart of apple cider vinegar; Pour into a blender and whiz on high for two to three minutes. DO NOT stand with your nose over the blender when taking the lid off and take a deep smell - it has been known to make people faint - they haven't had good blood flow to the brain in a while. Take the lid off the blender and let stand for a few minutes, then pour into a large wide mouth jar- Label. Seal tightly and shake twice per day for two weeks; Strain and bottle the liquid - SuperTonic; The pulp may be discarded, or if you are brave enough you can use as a hot salsa dip.

Store in the refrigerator, but you may keep some in a small bottle on the table to use with olive oil as a salad dressing; Suggested use is one dropper full in 8 ounces of water daily ;This is potent, so you may start with just a few drops at a time and build up; Add a bit of Agave or honey for taste; You can use up to 6 dropper full per day if a bad cold or sinus infection has you down.

Taken daily people report fewer colds and coughs, better blood pressure reading and overall better vitality; A very inexpensive all natural remedy to everyday ailments. Used as a condiment, your family will never know they are taking their daily tonic.

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