Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Update on this and that.....

Here is my upright garden.    
You can't see the tomato about the size of a golf ball, but it is near the bottom.   I did loose the plants in the bottom two holes.  I really think it was to much doggy help with watering.  The top three or 4 holes have pepper plants in them.   I planted them much later, but they are growing.   The very top has a habanero pepper plant.   Kids wanted one "super" hot pepper plant.   It may not get enough sun.  Time will tell.  I have found 2 more old pipes that will be used like this next spring.   I wonder if I could do leaf lettuce in them in the winter, or peas?    Will have to think on that. 

My new "rock" garden.  Where we lived before we moved here everything was a rock garden.   You planted roses with a crowbar and chiseled out a hole, that usually drown the rose as it was a rock lined pit.    Where we live now here at the house is DIRT, all the way to the center of the earth I think.  
Maybe I got to missing rocks :)  Or maybe I just wanted my sage bush out of the center of the yard in the corner then needed to "dog" proof it so they didn't dig it and the two smaller sages, and the two Mexican sages up before they they get established.   With the help of DH and his handy dandy back hoe we dug up my sage and moved it to it's new home.   Then with the help of the handy dandy bobcat DH and I collected rocks to cover the no weed ground cover we put down.   We used big ones as "border" and filled in with smaller rocks.   I hope that there are enough rocks to keep the dogs at bay. 

I still have WAY to many puppies that need homes.  
These two are the escapees from where I have them.  They like to come hang out by the fountain, in the pallets.

They really aren't stuck, just in the spray of the fountain in the pallet and wet dirt.  The solid white one is a little female.  I'm sure the runt.  The other one is just a smaller one.

A few more of the pups that are cuddly bears. 

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