Friday, June 25, 2010

Anti Glare Coating on Glasses

Did you know that the newer anti-glare coating will only last for a year, maybe? Then it starts to bubble and your glasses look like they are greasy. You wash them, no help, you wipe them, no help.

I am blessed in that I can see without them, so I go buy a pair of cheap sun glasses to drive in until I can get to the shop to see what is going on.

Today I took them in, he looked and said oops, sorry. They are only warrantied for a year. I kept thinking and finally told him I don't think I have had them even a year. He pulled my record and I was right!! 10 months! So they will be stripping the coating off. I told him I do NOT want it back. He said they may charge me up to $25-30 to do it that way. I would still rather have it not on. Down side is I had to leave them, maybe for a week! Upside is I am blessed in God has my eyes where I can drive just fine and see to read with reading glasses. I made a stop at Family Dollar and got a $6 pair of reading glasses. I am set to go!

I know that having to keep up with reading glasses will be a challenge instead of having them on my face all time but I praise God I can see to drive and read and do all I need too.

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