Wednesday, June 16, 2010

School Room update.........

Blogger didn't like me this morning. I took these first thing and have been trying off and on all day to get them on here.

View from the kitchen door. Don't you love my half circle desk? I used both of them to make a half circle with area for kids to work or sew or craft and mom to be out here too.

Kids desk area. See EIGHT desk! We still have to put lights back above each work area.
Bay window area. I have finished removing the clutter from the table and have been cutting plastic for desk covers. I had long runner type on the work space before with each child's area defined by fabric of their choice. Now I am taking the plastic and trying to figure out how to cover the desk without making it to loose.

Books books books...... Yes the yellow is all National Geographic! I got one set off freecycle and the others I paid $10 for 2 big heavy boxes full. MN was in charge of putting books up.

Did I mention I got a book order from CBD in yesterday evening? :) Under the map is still more books. I have another map I just got I want to hang up there. The closed part of the book case is 5 ft tall. I took my book cases I already had and added them above. Then we stacked a few more books on top of that! I'm not sure how many more books are still hiding. Can you tell we love books?


Felicia said...

I love the area and am jealous of the half circle. I need something like that in my craft area. I must show my DH your books, he thinks I have too many for the kids, ha!

Malinda said...

It looks great!! :) I enjoyed our visit yesterday. Thanks so much for my "produce crate full o' gold!!"